Maisie MacKinnon

Maisie MacKinnon is the ex-spouse of Guinevere de Amblia, a wonderful transgender woman who changed Maisie's life for the better nearly five years ago—though Maisie didn’t always know their extraordinary adventure would lead to the personal power she experiences today.

The couple divorced in 2012 after deciding it was the best way for them to be true to their respective life paths. The choice allowed them work out their authentic feelings (versus faux, "politically correct" feelings) about their mutually important transitions—though they knew that many couples are able to do the same within their marriages. Today they live in separate homes in neighboring states, but are best friends, sharing the kind of close companionship and affection that only the partners of transgender people truly understand.

Maisie is a freelance journalist and author. This summer she finished her first memoir entitled, "Meeting Guinevere, How My Husband’s Transsexual Journey Freed the Woman in Me." 


Guinevere de Amblia

Guinevere started her MtF transition in 2012 and completed SRS in the early part of 2014, putting behind her decades of internal war that had adversely affected just about every part of her life and those in relationship with her.

Surrendering to a force she barely understood and revealing her greatest fears to her then spouse, Maisie MacKinnon, she started on a path that she would later describe as a runaway freight train with little consciousness of just how narrow the rails she was riding on, were.

During the past few years Guinevere has taken the time to consider the effects her transition had on her relationships, namely her marriage to Maisie, family members and friends. Through the personal work that she has done herself and with Maisie, she has gained insights into the difficulties shared by all those involved in gender transition.

Guinevere and Maisie share a love for each other that, while much different than their marriage, has grown into a friendship full of appreciation and support for their personal goals.

As a recently retired business owner, Guinevere now focuses her energies on being in service to those transitioning—as well as to their families, friends, and significant others—by sharing her experiences and helping wherever possible.